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"Shark Pitch is the inside scoop on how to get your product into the market. I like how the authors described in detail a meeting with a buyer at Walmart and show how a simple Three Step Pitch gets the buyer to say “yes.” And I appreciate that the sales approach they recommend doesn’t involve hype, gimmicks, or trickery to get the sale. The three steps are easy to do, can fit my personal style, and are proven to work.  

Charles St. John
The Results Group

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How to Create Useful Products
That People Love and That Might
Even Make You Rich


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The 12 Best Ways to Evaluate Your Product or Invention to Make it Easier to License or Sell.

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How to Protect Your Creative Work
Using Patents, Trademarks and Copyrights


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Our 7-Step Method for Designing
Your Sell Sheets Using Free Canva
Software and Your SmartPhone Camera

How These Students Feel About Big Idea School

“I have never seen this information presented anywhere before, especially in such a succinct and easy-to-grasp fashion. Bravo! The questions you teach us to ask before creating a product are so valuable. I wish I had known about some of these a few years ago!This chapter about how to do REAL research that matters is worth the price of the whole course, and much more. Great advice to test the product first, and THEN worry about protecting it! This is amazing!!! Never saw anything so well thought out, complete yet simple. How refreshing to get down-to-earth advice that can really help anyone become an entrepreneur! Simply amazing.”

Susan Blais
Business Coach,  SusanBlais.com

“Great lessons! Very clear and easy to follow. I love the enthusiasm from Dennis and Mary Lou. You can tell they enjoy teaching. Their experience with major retailers is priceless. Sometimes great things come from being stuck in life. Unsatisfying Jobs will produce misery and misery can motivate change. Throw in a great idea and have an epiphany. Great recipe for success. I appreciate the real world experience you have in obtaining different patents. I'm sure there are many books written on the subject however, I love seeing and hearing the material delivered from warm and inviting faces. It's inspiring to know my idea can actually make it out on the market. 

Thomas T.
Entrepreneur, Former Navy Seal

"I owned two gift stores for years, so I'm no stranger to new products. When I got an idea for a product idea of my own, I thought about taking this course. At first, I was afraid I might find out that my idea might not be as good as I thought. Then I realized that was like sticking my head in the sand. I choose not to be an ostrich so I enrolled. What a surprise! I didn't realize how many things I hadn't thought about. I love the lessons on generating new ideas, and the 12 step evaluation checklist is an eye opener. Thank you guys, you saved me from making a big mistake. I need to do more work before I'm ready to go to market."

Kae Hammond
Entrepreneur,  DimentialHelpCenter.com

" I have worked for several start-ups and small companies during my career and consulted with many more on how to build a brand. I wish this  had been available then because it certainly would have saved many of the entrepreneurs I have worked with many sleepless nights. The authors lay out a template for success created from years of developing and launching interesting new consumer products and, more importantly, getting them placed in retail stores where consumers can discover them. It's a great recipe for success from two veteran entrepreneurs who have been there and done it all...with great success. If you have a great idea but don't know what to do with it, this is for you. Learn from the masters."

Robert Nelson
Entrepreneur,  MyInternationalAdventure.com

When You Need Personal
Coaching or Consulting

Sounding Board?

Do you wish you had someone to talk to that understands what you are going through? You can't share your problems with competitors, and you may not know anyone who is familiar with your kind of business who can give you feedback about your ideas. We can help. Think of us as a vital addition to your team of advisors since we can be objective about the challenges you face.

Problem Solving?

Some problems are like 1,000 piece puzzles, except they don't have a photo on the box to show you what the solution is supposed to look like. We can help you see the big picture because we aren't as close to the problem. We can see unexpected connections and offer new insights because of our experience in creating products and building businesses around them.

New Product Development?

One thing is for sure, no company can survive for long selling the same product forever. If you want to stay relevant, you need a process for creating new products. We can help you generate new products and rethink your current products. We also really love creating new names for products and writing sales sheets, so let's have some fun!

Growth Hacking?

Starting a business takes the mental makeup and skills of a pioneer. Building and operating a company requires the mindset and skills of a gardener. The secret to your success is making the transition from pioneer to gardener. We can help you create systems that will help your business flourish and grow.


As soon as you create a successful product, someone will copy your big idea and begin taking away your market share. That doesn't mean you can't slow them down. We aren't lawyers but we earned 15 patents, dozens of trademarks and hundreds of copyrights. We can show you how to get the best kind of intellectual property protection for your products. We will give you tips for interviewing lawyers and finding someone who fits your intellectual property needs.


Are you getting all you can out of your sales? Do you know the best way to get your products into stores? Have you built a sales force to include independent reps, distributors and affiliates to supplement online sales? Do you have a website and an online marketing strategy? We can help you identify and reach more customers by helping you build a distribution network that captures all segments of your market.


Creativity is a mystery, but we found some of the keys to unlock what is inherent in you. We look forward to sharing proven methods and techniques we know will make you think in creative ways. Some are well known techniques and some are original to us. We can teach them to you and your team to improve your creative problem solving ability. You don't need to settle for the ordinary.


It's not easy to keep up with manufacturing methods or to be sure you are getting the best prices from suppliers. Creating your 3D printed prototypes and outsourcing your finished high volume manufacturing is a good way to conserve precious capital. We can help you find the best ISO manufacturer or on demand  fulfillment at prices you can afford, whether in the USA or anywhere in the world.

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