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What Buyers are Saying About
Shark Pitch

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Shark Pitch shows how their simple Three-Step Pitch is an effective way to sell your ideas to anyone at any level. You can use it to promote a new program or sell an idea to your boss for how to improve your company. You can modify the sales pitches in Shark Pitch to fit virtually any selling situation.

There are few people as experienced with bringing retail products to market as Dennis & Mary Lou Green. Shark Pitch is a fantastic resource for anyone thinking about entering the entrepreneurial/ retail product game. The authors' real life stories are applicable no matter the decade, and their lessons are strong. I highly recommend reading, and re-reading Shark Pitch.

Michael Finizio

This book is the inside scoop on how to get your product into the market. I like how the authors described in detail a meeting with a buyer at Walmart and show how a simple Three Step Pitch gets the buyer to say “yes.” And I appreciate that the sales approach they recommend doesn’t involve hype, gimmicks, or trickery to get the sale. The three steps are easy to do, can fit my personal style, and are proven to work. Interestingly I also can see how their process would work in any kind of pitch – for example, selling my boss or clients to buy into my ideas. Some books just really make sense – like this one.

Charles St. John
The Results Group

I've been waiting a long time for a book like this to finally get written. I have worked for several start-ups and small companies during my career and consulted with many more on how to build a brand. I wish this book had been available then because it certainly would have saved many of the entrepreneurs I have worked with many sleepless nights. The author lays out a template for success created from years of developing and launching interesting new consumer products and, more importantly, getting them placed in retail stores where consumers can discover them. It's a great recipe for success from two veteran entrepreneurs who have been there and done it all...with great success. If you have a great idea but don't know what to do with it, this is the book for you. Learn from the masters.

Robert T. Nelson
My International

I'm a bank president and I've been a banker for the last 37 years. I have been pitched hundreds of ideas from clients for new products and new businesses. I wish I had this book to give to everyone of those former clients. This book walks the potential entrepreneur through the process to bring the product to market. Not only do the authors describe the potential pitfalls, they have experienced the down side themselves. The takeaways at the end of each chapter are helpful summaries and are clear and concise. If you have an idea of a potential product or want to get into business for yourself, this is a MUST read!

Thomas W. Bass

Dennis and Mary Lou Green have just given product developers looking for long-term success in the consumer market 'the keys to the kingdom' with their book Shark Pitch. I can look back on 25 years as a buyer for my gift stores and the endless product offerings that had to review to find selections that would 'speak to' my clientele. You have to sift through a lot of unremarkable, 'what's the purpose of that', products to find the jewels and I knew dreams and bank accounts were going to be shattered because research wasn't thorough or ego super-ceded practicality. I applaud the Greens for sharing their expensive lessons along with their well-earned successes and just why success came for those ideas.

For anyone with an idea they really believe in, this is The Must-Read Book--I can't believe all you have at your finger tips with Shark Pitch to honestly assess your product idea and the proven buyers presentation strategy! I could feel the energy in the buyer's meetings and now I know precisely how to pitch for success. Thank you Dennis & Mary Lou Green for sharing your success techniques. I look forward to your online course helping to take my ideas to the bank, too.

Kae Hammond
Former Hallmark store owner

Shark Pitch

How To Make a Retail Shark
Sit Up and Beg to Buy Your Product

In Search of the Great Whites?

Shark Pitch is not connected to the TV show Shark Tank, nor does it try to prepare you to be on the show. This is also not about pitching your company to investors or venture capitalists. It’s about how to pitch your product to retailers, the “great whites” that you have a better chance of hooking than you have of landing an investor on Shark Tank.

Discover How to Develop Your Perfect Pitch Even if You've Never Sold Anything

Shark Pitch helps entrepreneurs and inventors master a simple yet powerful Three-Step Formula for delivering winning sales pitches to retailers. Shark Pitch is unique because it takes you directly into the pitch rooms of the great white sharks such as Target, Walmart and QVC to watch pitches as they happen. The authors’ stories come from their 40 years experience in creating and marketing more 50 simple products than generated over $120 million in retail sales.

The purpose of Shark Pitch is to show how creating good products and selling them are interrelated. We will show you what is required to make your product marketable and how to pitch your product to get the best results. The more you know about both creating and selling, the better your chances of improving both processes.

• Follow us in action and watch us pitch major US retailers

• See how you can improve any big idea to make it more valuable

• Discover smart ways to position your product to increase demand

• Be admired as a problem solver, not a self-absorbed huckster

• Learn how to evaluate your products and make them more marketable

Authentic selling is about meeting a prospect's needs rather than needing to make a sale. Shark Pitch offers a simple and effective formula for pitching with integrity and purpose. It will help you get more sales and fewer rejections and make selling more satisfying. You will see that authentic selling doesn't require manipulation or clever persuasion. It's not about faking scarcity, creating false urgency or pressuring someone into buying something they don't want but can't say no to.