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Shark Pitch

Shark Pitch shows how their simple Three-Step Pitch is an effective way to sell your ideas to anyone at any level. You can use it to promote a new program or sell an idea to your boss for how to improve your company. You can modify the sales pitches in Shark Pitch to fit virtually any selling situation.

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Shark Pitch

How To Sell Anything In Three Easy Steps
Even if ...You Hate Selling

In Search of the Great Whites?

Shark Pitch is not connected to the TV show Shark Tank, nor does it try to prepare you to be on the show. This is also not about pitching your company to investors or venture capitalists. It’s about how to pitch your product to retailers, the “great whites” that you have a better chance of hooking than you have of landing an investor on Shark Tank.

Discover How to Develop Your Perfect Pitch Even if You've Never Sold Anything

Shark Pitch helps entrepreneurs and inventors master a simple yet powerful Three-Step Formula for delivering winning sales pitches to retailers. Shark Pitch is unique because it takes you directly into the pitch rooms of the great white sharks such as Target, Walmart and QVC to watch pitches as they happen. The authors’ stories come from their 40 years experience in creating and marketing more 50 simple products than generated over $120 million in retail sales.

The purpose of Shark Pitch is to show how creating good products and selling them are interrelated. We will show you what is required to make your product marketable and how to pitch your product to get the best results. The more you know about both creating and selling, the better your chances of improving both processes.

• Follow us in action and watch us pitch major US retailers

• See how you can improve any big idea to make it more valuable

• Discover smart ways to position your product to increase demand

• Be admired as a problem solver, not a self-absorbed huckster

• Learn how to evaluate your products and make them more marketable

Authentic selling is about meeting a prospect's needs rather than needing to make a sale. Shark Pitch offers a simple and effective formula for pitching with integrity and purpose. It will help you get more sales and fewer rejections and make selling more satisfying. You will see that authentic selling doesn't require manipulation or clever persuasion. It's not about faking scarcity, creating false urgency or pressuring someone into buying something they don't want but can't say no to.