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Is Your Big Idea a Money Maker or a Money Pit?

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Test Your Big Idea in This Online Course Called...

"The Complete Million Dollar Idea Test"

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The Number One Reason Why New Products Fail

In 2012 Harvard Business school reported that of the 514,000 startups in the USA, 75% failed in the first four years. Companies that were relying on selling a product did even worse, failing at a 90% rate.  Among those entrepreneurs surveyed, 44% said they learned too late that their product didn't solve a problem people cared about. In other words, they fell in love with their big idea and rushed ahead full speed without thoroughly testing market demand. 

Wouldn't You Be Smart to Reduce Your Risk?

Wouldn't you be wise to discover the insider secrets of why people buy and how you can use that knowledge to reduce your risk? Maybe friends have told you that they love your idea so you are confident you have a winner. Wouldn't it still make sense to get a more objective evaluation by first testing the idea? You could make even a good product more marketable by pinpointing its strengths, weaknesses and uncover key areas to fix and improve before launching it.

What's the Solution?

You can Increase your chances of success by simulating your product in its market setting--as if it actually exists--to find out if it makes sense. The Complete Million Dollar Idea Test shows you 27 ways to examine whether your big idea is a possible money maker or a certain money pit. Isn't it just good common sense to find out how good your idea is before you quit your job, take out a second mortgage or borrow from family and friends.  The last thing you want to do is invest a ton of money on lawyers, inventory and marketing materials--and then wish you could turn back the clock.

You Get A Step-by-Step Method for Judging Your Big Idea

The Complete Million Dollar Idea Test, shows you how to apply our powerful step-by-step method for judging your ideas and products.  It will help you decide whether to fix problems you uncover or drop the product and find something better.

Take the Course!

Each of the 27 lessons begins in the form of a question to start you thinking about every aspect of your product's strengths and weaknesses. Course materials include videos, photos, screencasts, PDFs, worksheets  that will help you objectively appraise your ideas before turning them into products.

Use What You Learn To Write Your Business Plan

You can even use the knowledge gained from the test to write an effective business plan to guide your decisions and to share with investors, licensees, spouses, partners and bankers.

Who Will Benefit From This Course?

  • First Time Entrepreneurs who have a big idea and want to turn it into a full time business.
  • Graphic designers and artists who have new product ideas and want to market or license them
  • Intrapreneurs who want to find or develop new winning products for their companies
  • Corporate Executives who plan to become entrepreneurs but first want to assess their ideas
  • Business partners or couples who need an objective way to resolve disagreements about a product
  • Internet marketers and drop shippers who need a method for appraising potential new products

Course Instructors: Dennis and Mary Lou Green

​We started working together in 1976 and got married in 1978. Check out our products in the About Us link at the top of the page. We are experienced in every aspect of business including design, sales and marketing, business practices, manufacturing, fund raising, importing and exporting, intellectual property and product licensing.

We love to have a good time as you can see from the products we created. When it comes to teaching, however, we are all business. In our courses you won't be working with an assistant. We teach every class ourselves and work with you to help you achieve your goal.