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How to Generate New Product Ideas From Scratch

Why This Course?

Because creative new products are the lifeblood of every business

Creativity is a magical mystery. However, what we call "practical creativity" is a skill, a tool you can use for creating simple products. In this course you will learn the practical, creative techniques we used to invent and market more than 50 new products. We will reveal the stories behind 8 of our million dollar products, including the creative thinking principles we used to generate our ideas. We'll also reveal how we turned the ideas into products and sold them to major retailers in the USA and 26 foreign countries.

Your Outcome 

You will learn how to generate new product ideas at will no matter what business you are in. You will learn how to think more creatively in all aspects of your life and business and generate product ideas using our proprietary methods and techniques. You will discover how to see the world in ways that open your eyes to new product opportunities all around you. You'll find out how to think differently and unlock your creative potential.

This Course Is for---

  • Entrepreneurs who have a going business and need new products
  • Graphic designers and artists who have ideas but want to know how to turn them into products
  • Intrapreneurs who are charged with developing new products for their companies
  • Executives who want to become entrepreneurs but need a big idea to launch their new company
  • Investors who want to learn more about creating new products
  • Business professors who want to learn how we generate ideas for simple products and sell them to retail
  • Internet marketers who want to create new proprietary products to sell via Amazon

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