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How to Turn Your Big Idea Into A Million Dollar Product

Thanks for helping us Beta test the lessons in Module 1 of this 6 module Master Course for entrepreneurs and inventors. Click on the icons below to go to each lesson page. Be sure to take the lessons in order because they build on one another.

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Module 1 of The Course

Module 1 introduces you to the most basic considerations for creating your new product.
The complete Master Course How to Turn Your Big Idea Into a Million Dollar Product contains 5 more Modules. The lessons below are from Module 1 only.
Lesson 1. Does Your Product Solve A Real Problem?

Duration: 4:37                

Learn how to create products that solve problems that people care enough about to pay for

Lesson 3. Give Them A Reason to Buy Your Product

Duration: 6:25

Discover how to create compelling features and benefits that show prospects what's in it for them

Lesson 4. Match Benefits to the Right Customers

Duration: 8:21

How to tailor your product benefits to match your customer's needs so they see value in your product

Lesson 6. The Three Circles of Pain

Duration: 6:43

A simple way to know if a problem is painful enough to spend your time creating a solution

Lesson 2. How to Identify Problems Worth Solving

Duration: 4:32                

Discover how to get ideas for new products by studying existing products that are already selling

Bonus Lesson:  Play a game called What's the Point! 

Duration: 2:52

This game makes a point of showing how easy it is to invent products that nobody needs 

 Lesson 5. Create Products Using the Benefit Equation

Duration: 8:17

Our proprietary method for generating new product ideas from scratch