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How to Turn Your Big Idea Into a Million Dollar Product

Why This Course?

Because knowledge and confidence defeat fear of the unknown

In this course we use Sneaker BallsĀ®, one of the 50 products we invented, to shed light on the mysterious process of taking a product from idea to finished product to the shelves of major retailers around the globe. We will show you how to get new ideas and develop them into multi-million dollar products.

You'll learn about trademarks, patents and copyrights, prototyping, packaging, manufacturing, sales, marketing, inventory control, financing, accounting, product life cycles and licensing. You will learn the best way to work with outsource manufacturers, shippers, lawyers, accountants and other professional services people that can help you realize your dream.

Your Outcome 

By the end of this course you will have a step-by-step blueprint for turning your ideas into real products and taking them to market.

This Course Is for---

  • Entrepreneurs who want to know how we turned our ideas into profitable products
  • Graphic designers and artists who want to learn how to take an idea from inception to distribution
  • Internet marketers who want to create physical products to sell through Amazon
  • Anyone who has a great idea but fears the unknown and wants a road map for what lies ahead
  • Investors who want to assist entrepreneurs in the process of creating and selling simple products
  • Business professors who want to learn our method for developing and marketing simple products

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