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The Complete Million Dollar Idea Test

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Five Steps Toward Your Success

The Complete Million Dollar Idea Test consists of five separate steps (courses):  Step 1. Fundamentals;  Step 2. Protection; Step 3. Manufacturing;  Step 4. Marketing; Step 5. Financial. We separated The Complete Million Dollar Idea Test into these five separate courses because...

, giving you the entire course at once would be like asking you to drink from a fire hose. Research shows that few people would finish a test that is too long.  We want you to finish each step (course) before moving on the the next, so you will feel progress and be able to master each of these five steps which is essential to doing a complete test your idea's money making potential.

every entrepreneur is at a different stage in their business development. Dividing the test into five courses, each with a specific emphasis, allows you to take each step as you are ready for it.

we are able to set a much lower price for each course than the price we would need to charge for all five courses combined. That allows many more students into the school.

Fourth: We want to incorporate your feedback from each previous course into subsequent courses. As we finish, update and publish each test we will let you know.

Want to Be One of the First Students to Take This Course?

The first course opens for enrollment on June 30, 2016

After June 7 we plan to add another course every two months. The courses are all outlined, but we have to design the graphics, record videos and prepare your assignments to bring our big idea to life in a way that makes it easy and fun for you to learn. Below is a synopsis of what you will learn in the first course.

The First Course: Step 1. Fundamentals

In other to find out if your big idea stands a
chance in hell of making money.

We begin with Step 1. Fundamentals because these questions are basic to every entrepreneurial venture regardless of the product you are selling. If your idea doesn't test well for each of the following seven questions you need to make some changes in your idea or consider a new idea. The seven questions in Step 1. are:

1. Will your product solve a problem or eliminate a pain that enough people care about to pay you for your solution? In this section you will learn about how to define what makes something a problem. You'll also discover the three pillars of pain and whether the problem and the pain is significant enough to justify developing your idea into a product people will buy.

2. Does you product engage the senses and satisfy human needs? Solutions are not always about problems and pain. Often they are about learning, pleasure and fun. You will learn the difference between solving a problem and satisfying needs. You will also discover how to create different product/user, "simulation scenarios" to help you define your primary target user and test their actual interest level.

3. Is your product unique, different or rare? You will learn how to define what is unique and different about your product  and how to "frame" it to appeal to your target customer. You will also see why "unique" products are often harder to sell than "different" or "rare" products and how you can get the most benefit from each type.

4. Do you know the difference between USP, slogans, tag lines, subtitles, and positioning? You will see how each concept defines your product in a different way and how to use each one to make your product stand out. Also, how not being able to clearly define your product using these concepts points out a problem of making your product distinctive, which is essential to your success.

5. Do you know how to accurately measure your product's money making potential? Everyone doesn't need your product. You need to know who does need it and how can you can reach them. You will learn a practical way to estimate your market size and make realistic sales projections that will affect everything from the amount of money you'll need to your sales and marketing strategies.

6. Are you passionate about developing and selling your product? You'll learn why your own personal satisfaction is vital to your business success. You will see how to test yourself, your skills and emotional ability to manage through the roller coaster life of an entrepreneur. You will also learn how to asses your temperament and ability to work with partners and employees.

7. Is your product a good fit for your long term personal and business goals? You will see why and how the wrong fit can hijack your effort and your success. You will discover if your new product is heading you in the right direction or sending you off course from where you really want to be in five years, ten years and beyond.

The remaining courses will be added soon, including:
Step 2. Protection: How to keep copycats from stealing your ideas.
Step 3. Manufacturing: How to get your product made without owning a single machine or tool
Step 4. Marketing: How to find customers who want to make you rich.
Step 5. Finance: How to raise money and use it wisely.

Learn Before You Launch

This course is the first step in finding out whether your big idea is a possible money maker or a certain money pit. It is just good common sense to find out how good your idea is before you quit your job, take out a second mortgage or borrow from family and friends. The last thing you want to do is invest a ton of money on lawyers, inventory and marketing materials--and then wish you could turn back the clock.

Don't Fool Yourself

Your big idea may seem like a "natural" but don't be fooled by your passion and positive attitude. The purpose of this test is to show you how to find out what needs to be improved before you invest a lot of money and launch your product.

Think about all the bad films you've seen that the movie studio thought were winners before they released them. It's hard to turn even a good idea into a product people will buy unless you know what you are doing. Idea testing is where you need to start.

Your Outcome 

When you finish the first course you will have a good idea whether you product idea is fundamentally sound or needs work. After each of the seven question you will be tested to help you assess your idea. You can use positive results for a product that passes the test to write a one page executive business plan for your product. We will show you how. Share the plan with partners, professors, managers, skeptics, bankers, investors, licensees and manufacturers to earn their support.

Who is This Course Is For?

  • Entrepreneurs who have a going business and need to a way to evaluate new  ideas 
  • Graphic designers and artists who have ideas for new products
  • Intrapreneurs who want to find or develop new winning products for their companies
  • Executives who want to become entrepreneurs makes sense
  • Internet marketers who want to appraise the viability of products they are considering to sell

If you are interested in taking this course please enter your contact information.  If you have any specific questions about the course, send us a message using the Contact page link above.