How Products Silently Sell Themselves - Big Idea School

Nonverbal communication is powerful. How we stand, sit, the timbre and tempo of our voices, whether we smile when we talk or are relaxed and appear confident, all play a role in communication. But all this pales in comparison to the power of your product’s personality. Our forty years’ experience creating and selling simple consumer products has taught us that product personality is the most powerful communicator.

What you say during a pitch matters less than what the product says about itself. A well designed product is the number one factor in making it easy to pitch. When a prospect can easily see how a product can benefit them, they don't need to be sold. You had them the moment you placed it in their hands.

Products, like people, get one chance to make a good first impression. Place your product in front of a prospect and don’t say a word. She is already forming judgments, good or bad about what she sees. The prospect may caress it, squeeze it, smell it, taste it or listen to it and decides if it’s right for her. All the while, the product is silently whispering,“Love me. Buy me. Take me home.”

Products pitch themselves billions of times a day in every store, bazaar, farmers market, catalog and web page around the world. They are selling even when you can't speak for them. They silently sell themselves through their design.

Products live or die by their own devices. They are accepted or rejected on their own, regardless of what we say in their support or defense. This means that good design wins. A well designed product sells itself. You will get more sales  and fewer rejections when your product solves someone’s problem, engages their senses, satisfies their needs and is unique enough to make them sit up and beg for more.  That makes selling fun.